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It seem our lives get busier and busier every passing day.  If there is something we need, just about anything there is a someone who whats to supply it, but that can be the problem, there are so many options out there where do you start to look? Even with all this technology at our finger tips we spend a ridiculous amount of time searching and searching hoping to find the right match. 

Welcome to Finder, the simple web & mobile app that helps you to narrow down your search fast.  Have a look at the quick and easy ways Finder can help you Find what you are looking for. 


On both the mobile app & the website you will always be asked to pick a location when you start.  That way you can pick from local business or you can Find something in a different location if are going away.  If you have already set up a user account then you can also select a saved location.   If you are using the mobile app then you can allow Finder to use your phones location. 


Everyone loves a deal.  That's why we want to offer you Finder Promo's a simple and easy way for you to find great deals that are on offer from our Product Providers.  Now don't worry, these are not the same as the "sponsored" adds you see everywhere.  In the Promo section you will find current deals that you can filter by location, category, or most recent.  Our Product Providers can not pay to be at the top of the list, you see what you want to Find.


If you're anything like me , you can easily get distracted by shiny objects when you should be looking for something else.  If this does happen to you we suggest you set up your user profile so you can take full advantage of our Favorites tool. As you are exploring the fantastic Finder Markets you can click the heart shaped icon, and that product or service will be added to your Favourits list.  At any point you can go back in and have a look at all your shiny objects.


Our standard Find option is best when you want to see all available options or you don't quite know the name of what you're looking.  Lets say you are looking for novelty food options for an event, but you want something you have not served before, or you want something to display different types of sales information in your office?  Our standard Find option will take you from the most general like "food" or "disply" to the tags that truly narow down your options, and all this in 4 quick steps. 


Tags are one of the best ways to Find exactly what you are looking for, and the best part, for once you don't have to think of the tag.  When our Product Providers list their products & services they will add as many tags that describe what they have on offer. The last part of your selection prosces will show you all the tags related to your spacific request.  So that way, when you want a clown, you get happy & fun, not creepy & sinister. 


We all have friends, family & coworkers that have things on the go.  So when you're exploring the Finder Markets and Find something that is exactly what they are looking for, share it with them.  They don't have to have the app, when they receive the notification that you have something you want to share it will simply direct them to the website.  



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