Frequently Asked Questions

There are some very common questions that we are asked about Finder, here are some of the most common.  If your question is not answerd here please let us know below. 

Questions from people looking to Find products & services.

How much does cost to use Finder?

Absolutely nothing.  It does not cost to Find products & services on Finder, and that means there are no hiden fees, no extra levels of service, nothing.

Do I need to sign up to use Finder?

No, you do not have to sign up to Find products & services using Finder.  We do have the option to create a user account, this gives you some added features like setting specific locations to Find from like home, office, favorite getaway.  You can also save interesting Finds in your Favorites, share them with friends and it also gives you the option to pre fill the contact form with your information to save time when you reach out to a product provider. 

How does Finder know where I want to look?

On both the mobile app & the website you will always be asked to pick a location when you start.  That way you can pick from local business or you can Find something in a different location if are going away.  If you have already set up a user account then you can also select a saved location.   If you are using the mobile app then you can alowe Finder to use your phones location. 

Can I book through Finder?

Finder is a service to help put clients and business together, we do not take booking or payments for products or services.  Each business on Finder has a profile page that has their direct contact links, booking links, and a contact form.  We want to make it as easy as posible for you kids to get together. 

Can I change or cancel my order?

When you order or book a from a product provider you are dealing directly through them.  Finder helps you Find products and services and puts you in contact with the businesses, any dealings from that point are strictly between you and the product provider.  

Do you provide technical support?

Yes we do.  If you are having any problems using Finder or any sugestions on how we can make it better please contact us and we will help.

Do I have to download the mobile app to use Finder?

No, Finder is avalible in its full form through the website.  Our website is fully responsive so you can access it through a computer or phone. 

Can I come back and pick up where I left off?

If you have a user account then you can mark any Finds as a favorite and come back later to have another look.  You will also have a history of any product providers ypu have contacted through Finder.

Questions from businesses looking to Find clients.

Do I have to pay extra for live links?

No, as part of you main package your profile page will give you the availability create live links for your;

  • Email
  • Website
  • Booking system
  • Social Media
Is there advertising on Finder?

Yes, we have two standard types of advertising, that you can use to showcase any promotions you would like to run.

  • Main page Promos $1 day
  • In profile Promos pack of 3 for $5 mth
How many services & products can I list?

The main package comes with the ability to list 20 services & products.  You can buy additional packages of 20 for $5 mth

Can I put pictures on my profile & service listings?

Yes, your profile can hold 6 still photos and 2 short videos.  Your service & product listings can each have 3 still photos.  On your social media links you can link to your YouTube account.

My business is seasonal, can I put my account on hold?

Yes you can.  We understand the not every business runs year round.  ' why if you buy a 12 month subscription, you can put your account on up a 6 month hold once every calender year with out losing any information. 

Is it true I get paid cash for referrals?

Yes it is.  Until December 31 2019 we will pay you up to $20 CAN for any business that buys a 6 or 12 month subscription using your referral code.  Check the link to find out more. 



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