Referal Program

The more businesses there are on Finder, the more reason clients will have to use Finder.  So it's in all of our best interests to build our numbers.  We could spend lots of money on advertising, or, we could give the money to you.  We decided on you.  You all know people in your market and most likely in some of the others markets as well, so why not make some money while you are, well, making money.

When you buy a Finder subscription you will be issued your own referral code.  When a business buys a 6 or 12 month subscription using you code, the new business will receive 15% off their 1st term & you will receive a referral fee. A win for both of you.

6 month referral

= $10

12 month referral

= $20

On your dashboard you can assess your Referral Program account, from there you will be able to see your referral history to date and once a month you can request to have your referral credits sent to you in the form of an email transfer. (we will use the email attached to your account)

You may also use your referral credits to pay for you next subscription, advertising, and coming soon BOSS tools. 



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