Find Your Home Market

Finder has different Markets, this way people have a good idea where to start looking for what they need.  As a Vendor you need to decide where most people will look for your services.  You can list in more than one Market, but we all need a place to start.  


Event Services

Events come in all sizes and for all reasons.  From lavish weddings to back yard BBQ’s we sometimes need something we don’t have on hand.  If your business helps people create their perfect event this is your new home.  Entertainment, food, decorations, even extra tables & chairs you provide the services that bring an idea to life. 

Business Services

Every business has lots of working parts that have nothing to do with our business.  We need website, graphic arts, writers for sales information, ways to display our wears.  All of these are necessary but we don’t do them ourselves.  As a baker are you going to do your own taxes? Probably not.  That’s why when you operate a business you need to know where to find the services you need, and you need to find them with out wasting your valuable time.  So if your business helps other businesses, this is the home for you.  

Beauty & Esthetics Services

Is it your goal to help bring people inner beauty out?  Do you provide services that help people shine on there biggest days?  Baby’s 1st hair cut, beards that need trimming, eyes that need lashing, nails that need polishing & things that need removing, from medi to relaxation this is the Market for you.

Health & Wellness Services

We all want to feel our best.  Today there are so many ways to help make that happen from exercise, nutrition, coaching, physical therapy and more.  From the physical to the spiritual and all aspects in between, if your business helps people feel their best and live their best lives then this is the Market for you. 

Active Lifestyle Services

One of the great things about living in Canada is all the great ways to stay active & healthy.  Yet, there is nothing worse than having to slow right down to Find what you are looking for. So if you provide the sales, rentals, repairs & maintenance of active equipment, you have found your Market. If you provide the lessons for activities or the support so people can live an Active Lifestyle, then sign up now. 

Repair & Maintenance  Services

Into every life some rain must fall, just hopefully not through the roof.  We all have things that we need or want someone else to do, like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, renovating the kitchen or fixing the leak in the roof.  This is your market to find the right people to give you a helping hand. 



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